Dear Chloe: 

We want to say thank you so much for your exceptional and personal service in selling our home. 

You created a determined and fully effective approach to marketing our property. It was well promoted through both conventional means and through the open houses which you conducted, both for agents and for the general public. These open houses were highly successful in introducing our home to a large group of prospective buyers. 

Your approach was totally professional and open. You assisted us in determining an appropriate asking price, and you provided meaningful insight into current conditions and trends in the Vancouver real estate market. You kept us completely up to date and aware of developments as they occurred and you put in a great deal of effort to ensure that our house sold in a timely manner. Your counsel was always helpful and positive.  You also took the time to follow up with prospective purchasers to determine their level of interest or need for additional information.  All of this took place at a time of year when real estate activity is traditionally at a low level. 

In the end the results of your efforts speak for themselves. Our home sold in effectively less than one month from listing to completed offer. The price we received was to our complete satisfaction. I also interpret that the buyers believe that the transaction was fair and equitable, and they appreciated your efforts to inform them throughout the process. 

As you know, we have moved a great many times over the years throughout Canada and the United States. This was without question the best overall real estate transaction we have experienced. 

Thank you so much for doing such a great job. 




Christine and Murray